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everyday is the worst day ever </3

okay 1st day of school today . ugh lets just say it draggeddd onn... well ill break down everything -

my schedule :

period 1 : academic us history 1 -- mr toncic my thoughts: hes seems nice - class is cool i like all the ppl in my class its a cool way to start off my day

period 2 : intermediate geometry -- ms fischer my thoughts: idk she seemed mean today but supposidly shes rele nice - so we'll see . but then again i HATE math n i already got hw (grr)ppl in it r cool - rosella is in my class n so is deanna n christina n jen freidman (havent talked to her in so long) n GEORGE ugh hes soo fukin hott!

period 3 : L.I.F.E -- ms. holder but CUTCHIN IS MY SUB FOR THE NEXT MONTH! cauz my teacher got surgery my thoughts: ugh i hate the class already - it has all these fkin annoyingggg freshman i wanted to like smack someone - pft watever! ::rolls eyes::

period 4/5 : academic english 2 -- mr hoffman my thoughts: OMG! fkin weirdo haha but i LOVEEE my class we have the bestttt class!!!! anyway so me christina liz and steph were crackin up alll period cauz my teacher is a psycho-path! haha its rele quite entertaining :)

period 6 : lunch my thoughts: need i say more?!?

period 7/8 : italian 2 -- ms piscione my thoughts: sooo funny!! shes rele nice.. all my sisters (except deanna) had her. but im gonna fail her class cauz fkin rubino didnt teach me shitt!

period 9/10 : lab bio -- ms brogan my thoughts: she seems nice -- class kinda sucks other than anna being in it :) w/e atleast i got one person ::shrugs::

period 11 : gym my thoughts: not many ppl i kno or like but i made a new frend! haha but its great cauz the senior parking lot is right next to the gym so i jus go right out to the car! :)

im SOOOOOO fkin pissed off tho! i mean its not fair! jen isnt in anyyy of my classes!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh! im so mad wut the hell am i gonna do witout her!! grrr

anyway so soccer sucked-dont wanna talk about it.. i jus WISH my legs would fkin get better already.

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